“Having been accused of dangerous driving by an anonymous couple in Loch Lomond I was in real danger of losing my licence. The resulting knock on effect would have been a disaster for me personally and professionally. I was told Nigel Scullion was the man to see about such things. He explained everything to me carefully and clearly and thereafter I instructed him to investigate matters and represent me in court. After he reviewed the case with the procurator fiscal it was thrown out before trial – it was the correct result. I would fully recommend him to all.”

– R Mac Glasgow

“I was sadly involved in an incident where someone was killed. I was thereafter charged with death by careless driving. I thought losing my licence would be the least of my troubles. It was a very stressful time for me and my family. Mr Scullion took his time to explain the process to me and advised that the matter should be investigated fully before a word is said to the court. Where some might have accepted the inevitable ban, Mr Scullion fought hard for me. It was an accident that wasn’t my fault. Following his diligence, knowledge of the law and court manner, I managed to keep my licence. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

– CT Glasgow

“I was on 9 points and accused of being on the mobile phone by two traffic police. Frankly I thought I was gubbed. However Mr Scullion kept reminding me I was innocent until proven guilty. We went to trial and after the crown had finished their case Mr Scullion had the matter thrown out. He had noticed a critical defect in the crown evidence, during the heat of the trial. I didn’t even have to give evidence myself. This guy knows what he is doing!”

– CG Livingston

“I work in construction and run a busy business. I’m constantly on the move and my car is essential. I was accused of dangerous driving and had to attend Dumfries Sheriff court. I was recommended Nigel by a trusted friend. I’m delighted with that recommendation as I’m still driving to this day. What could have been a complete disaster turned out to be alright, thanks to Nigel. I have no trouble in recommending him.”

– AK Edinburgh

“I had been an idiot and made a grave mistake in my standard of driving. I got in an accident and was very lucky that no one died. I knew I was in trouble and faced potential jail time, never mind a ban. Nigel Scullion was recommended to me by my Facebook community. After talking with him I felt better. With empathy and great skill he guided me through the process and got me the best result achievable. I may have lost my licence but I was saved from going to jail. I can’t recommend Nigel highly enough.”

– TF Hamilton


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