My way or the highway(code) updates

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As a road user, The Highway Code is essential reading for everyone. It’s not just for learner drivers as rules and regulations are often changing, meaning what you learned when you passed your test has likely evolved somewhat.

The next significant evolution comes into force from 29 January 2022, with nine sections of The Highway Code being updated and 50 rules being added or updated.

You’ll be able to see a summary of all the changes at GOV.UK in relation to the changes to The Highway Code from 29 January 2022. If you cannot wait that long. you can preview the top eight changes you must be aware of. 

Top changes to be aware of

  1. Hierarchy of road users
  2. People crossing the road at junctions
  3. Walking, cycling or riding in shared spaces
  4. Positioning in the road when cycling
  5. Overtaking when driving or cycling
  6. People cycling at junctions
  7. People cycling, riding a horse and driving horse-drawn vehicles on roundabouts
  8. Parking, charging and leaving vehicles 

Fundamentally the refreshed code will be more focused on the hierarchy of road users and protection offered to them. The change in hierarchy places those road users most at risk in the event of a collision at the top of the hierarchy.  So, in summary,  it’s good news for all walkers, cyclists and horse riders out there, especially at junctions!

Why should I care? 

Many of the rules in the code are legal requirements, and if you disobey them you could be committing a criminal offence. Furthermore, if you do not follow the rules in the code, it can be used in evidence in court proceedings to establish liability when it comes to accidents.

The Highway Code is updated regularly, so it’s important that everyone reads it every now and again to stay up to date. Have a look at the changes and learn them. They could save your life, never mind your licence. 

New driving laws and rules

It isn’t just The Highway Code that is getting a revamp this year. There are a host of new driving laws and rules coming into effect across various parts of the UK. Make sure you check out this detailed list from our friends at

Additional resources

The full version of The Highway Code is available, free of charge, on GOV.UK. This will be updated on 29 January 2022.

You can pre-order an updated version of The Highway Code book online now, and buy a copy (costs about £5)at most high street bookshops from April 2022. 

The information contained in this blog does not constitute legal advice and should not be acted on as such. This content is based on our understanding in January 2022. Road Traffic Defence are not liable for the information contained on any third-party websites which may be linked to this blog.