Save your licence

We are specialist motoring solicitors with many years’ experience in cases involving motoring offences. We have experts who can help with all your legal needs, even if you are guilty you have more options than you think. Our highly experienced Road Traffic Defence Lawyers can act on your behalf to ensure you can stay on the road!

How many points before my licence is in trouble?

Different offences or incidents come with different penalties if you are found guilty.

See our Road Traffic Offences page for more detailed information about types of incidents and what penalties they can incur.

It is important to note that if you accumulate 12 penalty points on your licence within a three-year period, you may be faced with ‘totting up’…

Probationary or New Driver?

Just got your licence? We bet you want to keep it!

No matter how careful a driver you are, if you receive six points on your licence within the first two years of having a full driving licence, the DVLA will revoke your licence.

This means another test.

It is vital in protecting your licence that you contact our specialist Road Traffic Defence Solicitors if you are pulled over by the police for any type of driving offence before you accept a fixed penalty or respond to a citation to attend court for any Road Traffic Offence.

Many new drivers unnecessarily tarnish their clean driving licence resulting in higher insurance premiums and the stress of being stopped by the police again within the probationary period for even the most minor of offences

Why risk losing your licence? Get in touch with a Road Traffic Defence lawyer to discuss your options.